Spooky Season is Upon Us

Get your pumpkin carving tools, cobwebs, and spooky décor ready! Halloween is right around the corner and the fun doesn’t stop even at the campground. To make sure you are ready for the fun holiday, here are some tips on how to decorate the interior and exterior of your RV.

            For the interior, you can spice it up with accent pieces! Accent pieces are inexpensive ways to add pops of color. From small pumpkins to themed pillows to artificial fall leaves; all will elevate the space. Change out your wall art for witches’ hats and broomsticks. There are endless ways to bring the spooky holiday cheer!

            Another simple way to decorate the interior, is to spice up your linens. If you have bunk beds in your RV, you can change the bed sheets to fall colors or holiday themed to match the rest of the décor. In the kitchen, you can use themed tablecloths, napkins, plates, and more! From disposable to upscale, there is an option for everyone to keep the spooky mood going throughout your RV trip!

            Lights can be for the inside and outside of your RV. Switch up the classic lights for colored or strobing string lights. There are also Halloween themed lights with pumpkins or other themed options now too! Those will always add a fun atmosphere around your RV site. Another fun way to decorate is silhouette decals on your windows. These are lightweight and are space-saving. There are many options from skeletons to witches to cartoon pumpkins! If you have multiple windows, you can decide on a different design for each window!

            For the exterior, think about how you want it to look first. Do you want a Fall classic look, or do you want to go all out with scary props? For that classic look, head to the pumpkin patch! There you can get a variety of different colored and shaped pumpkins. Get enough in all shapes and sizes to sit around your RV door. You can even add bays of hay to sit on or bundled wheat stalks to give it that Fall feel. If you want to go a bit scarier, you can use the pumpkins you got and have some fun! Have a scary face carving contest. After, set the carved pumpkins outside for all your RV neighbors to see. If you have an awning, you can hang cobwebs from it and wrap them around the whole RV. Go to your local Halloween store and you are sure to find foam tombstones, too! A couple of those propped up against the RV will sure give your neighbors a fright.

            As the leaves are changing, so should your décor! When changing your RV’s décor, have fun with it. From a classic Fall look to a more themed look, everyone is sure to have a blast. Plus your RV will stand out at the campground!

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