Four Fantastic Florida RV Parks

Florida has been a long-time destination for RVers that want to keep warm in the cooler winter months. And the state has many great options for RV owners to choose from, no matter what type of RV experience is desired.  We thought it would be good to share four fantastic Florida RV parks during this time of year, just to show the exciting options this state has available for people that want to hit the road in the cooler months.

1. Camp Gulf

This a popular Florida RV park for all the right reasons! Sugar sand beaches right out our door with all the amenities you could ask for.  This RV park has two heated pools, a spa, golf cart rental, and more!  With a full row of beach-front sites, you will want to call ahead for availability.  Destin is a popular destination for a reason and this park gets great reviews on multiple websites for a reason.

2. Jetty Park Campground

If you have anyone in your group that is a NASA fan, or a space fan, this park is for you! Because of the campgrounds unique location nestled along the Atlantic Ocean and inside beautiful Port Canaveral, it’s not uncommon to see cruise ships arriving/departing, submarines arriving/departing, rocket launches, and marine life. This Florida RV park also offers plenty of creature comforts and full amenities such as large pavilions, fire pits, and 24-hour gated security.  Due to the development of a new cruise terminal, the park has a notice on their website about additional noise.  This park offers a unique experience for RVers and families, so check it out and see if you might want to add it to your bucket list!

3. Grayton Beach State Park

This beach is consistently ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the US and there is plenty to explore because there is a mile of the sugar white beach in this park. The Western Lake (a 100-acre coastal dune lake) is perfect for fishing and paddling and there are more than 4 miles of nature trails for those that want to explore on foot through the coastal forest.  This Florida RV park is a stunning place to relax and unwind absolutely perfect for a weekend getaway. Bring your family to an unforgettable experience that will be forever in their memories.

4. Nature’s Resort RV Park

Play with the manatees at Nature’s Resort RV Park located in historical Homosassa Florida. This park boasts 97 acres of freshwater streams, rivers, wildlife sanctuaries, and yes, guests can even swim with the Homosassa manatees.  On-site amenities include food, 30- and 50-amp hookups, laundry, clean showers, basketball and volleyball courts. For those staying for an extended period, Nature’s Resort has bingo, dances, and potlucks so you can meet your fellow campers.

It’s clear that Florida has a great selection of RV parks that will help RVers create lasting memories in a wide range of settings. Whether you are a nature buff, beach fan, or NASA enthusiast, Florida will have something for everyone in your travel group. And if you’re not sure what to look for when selecting an RV park or resort- check out some more tips here.

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