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Motorhome & Travel Trailer Service

RV Service in Huntsville, Alabama

At Bankston Motor Homes of Huntsville, we're your go-to destination for all RV needs. From roofs to tires and everything in between, our comprehensive service and maintenance team has you covered. Our RVTI-certified technicians are highly trained and committed to providing top-notch workmanship and ensuring your complete satisfaction. Schedule your appointment with us today!

What you can expect from Bankston RV Service?

  • Certified RV Technicians
    • RVTI Certified Technicians
  • Custom RV Installation
    • RV cabinetry, RV flooring, RV refurbishing, RV roof replacements, and more.
  • LP Systems
    • RV leaks, RV tanks, regulators, lines, etc.
  • Installation of all RV accessories
    • Satellites, lifts, base plates, awnings, generators, air conditioners
  • RV Hydraulic Jack Service
    • Jacks, pumps, relays, controllers, etc.
  • Full Service Hitch Shop
    • Receivers, fifth wheel, heads, bars, balls, two bars, and braking systems.
  • RV Wiring A/C or D/C
    • Brake controllers, pigtails, connectors, etc.
  • RV Appliance Repair
    • RV refrigerators, RV furnaces, RV water heaters, RV ranges/ovens, RV roof air conditioning, etc.
  • RV Plumbing Systems
    • Tanks, pumps, valves, faucets, toilet, etc.
  • RV Slide-Out Service
    • Electric or hydraulic - motors, pumps, adjustments, gearing, tracks, etc.
  • RV Detailing
    • Interior and exterior
  • RV Roof Repair
    • Leaks, resealing, free inspection

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