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Encore RV ROG Travel Trailer RVs For Sale

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When it comes to camping, the best adventures are always those that are had off the beaten path, so you need a trailer that is ready to help you take the path less traveled. This is where the Encore RV ROG travel trailer or expandable toy hauler comes into play! It has a torsion axle suspension to help you navigate bumpy roads, and the optional roof rack system will help you transport your bikes, kayaks, and much more. 


You won't find wood in any of the ROG's construction. Instead, Encore RV has opted to use aluminum and fiberglass to create a lightweight product that won't rust or corrode. You also won't find any wood in the kitchen cabinets because these are made of aluminum too. Some things you will find throughout are USB charging ports, LED interior lighting,  tinted windows with roll shades, an AM/FM/Bluetooth stereo, and closet storage.


The Encore RV ROG travel trailers and toy hauler expandable is an adventure trailer that was designed to deliver a lifetime of excitement!


ROG Features:

Standard Features (2023)



  • All-Aluminum Chassis
  • All-Aluminum Tube Construction
  • 3500# Torsion Axle (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • 4000# Torsion Axle (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • Electric Brakes – Breakaway Battery Kit
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Jeep Style Fenders
  • Hi-Gloss Exterior Fiberglass
  • One-Piece Fiberglass Roof (Walk-On Roof)
  •  Flip-Up Tongue Jack – Manual Crank (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • 12V Electric Jack (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • ST235/75R15 Off-Road Tires
  • Spare Tire & Mount – Full Size
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • (4) Stabilizer Jacks
  • 2" Rear Receiver (Bike Rack Mount – 200# Cap)
  • 2" Front Coupler w/Safety Chains  (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • 2-5/16" Front Coupler w/Safety Chains (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • 30-Amp Detachable Shore Cord
  • 8' Thule 12V Power Awning C/S (14TH2)
  • Slide out Rear Kitchen w/Aluminum Cabinets (12BH, 12BHSS)
  • Rear Kitchen w/Aluminum Cabinets (12RK, 12RKSS)
  • Slide out Rear Kitchen w/Aluminum Cabinets – Outside Kitchen (16RB)
  • Solid Surface Countertops(12RK, 12RKSS, 14TH1)
  • 2-Burner LP Stove w/ Cast Iron Grates & Glass Cover (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • 2-Burner LP Stove w/ Cast Iron Grates & Glass Cover- Outside Kitchen (16RB)
  • Microwave Oven (12RK, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • Microwave Oven - Interior Kitchen (16RB)
  • Stainless-Steel Sink w/Faucet & Glass Cover  (12RK, 12RKSS, 12BH, 12BHSS)
  • 2-Burner LP Stove w/Cast Iron Grates & Glass Cover – Outside Kitchen (16RB)
  • Stainless-Steel Sink w/Commercial Grade Faucet (14TH1, 14TH2)
  • 1.7 Cubic Foot 12V Refrigerator (12BH, 12BHSS)
  • 3.3 Cubic Foot 12V Refrigerator (12RK, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • 1.7 Cubic Foot 12V Refrigerator – Outside Kitchen (16RB)
  • 4.5 Cubic Foot 12V Refrigerator/Freezer – Interior Kitchen (16RB)
  • Beverage Prep Center w/LED Light – Interior Kitchen (16RB)
  • Front (3) Drawer Bank & Base Floor Cabinet (Toilet Storage) (16RB)
  • On-Demand 12V Water System (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • 23-Gallon Freshwater Tank (12BH, 12BHSS)
  • 43-Gallon Freshwater Tank (12RK, 12RKSS)
  • 26-Gallon Freshwater Tank (14TH1, 14TH2)
  • 54-Gallon Freshwater Tank (16RB)
  • Freshwater Monitor Panel (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • 80" X 60" X 4" Bi-Fold Mattress  – Sidewall Storage (10MC)
  • (2) Sidewall Storage Nets (10MC)
  • 70" X 54" Bunkhouse (12BH,12BHSS)
  • Bunkhouse Reading Lights  (12BH,12BHSS)
  • R/S Tip-Out Bunk 77" X 44" w/4" Thick Mattress (14TH1)
  • (2) Tip-Out Bunks 77" X 44" w/4" Thick Mattress (14TH2)
  • 60" X 80" X 5" True Queen Bed (16RB)
  • 2-Person Dinette – Converts to 69" X 32" Bunk (16RB)
  • 12V Reading Lights @ Rear (16RB)
  • Exterior Shower Port (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • 12,000 BTU LP Furnace (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • 20,000 BTU LP Furnace (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • 12V Power Roof Vent – Multi-Speed  (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • (2) 12V Power Roof Vents – Multi-Speed (16RB)
  • 45-Amp Converter w/Battery Charger (Lithium Ready)
  • JBL Sound System – AM/FM/Bluetooth (2 Speakers) (10MC, 12BH)
  • JBL Sound System – AM/FM/Bluetooth (4 Speakers) (12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2,16RB)
  • USB Charging Port  (10MC, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • USB Ports (Interior & Kitchen) (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • (4) Flow Thru Vents (10MC)
  • (2) Tilt-Out Tinted Windows w/Roll Shades (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • (1) Tilt-Out 48" X 22" Tinted Window w/Roll Shades (14TH1)
  • (4) 30" X 20" Tilt-Out Tinted Windows w/Roll Shades (16RB)
  • (2) Slider Windows w/Roll Shades (Bunkhouse) (12BH, 12BHSS)
  • (2) Entry Doors w/Windows & Shades (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • Entry Door w/Window, Shade, & Screen Door (14Th1, 14TH2)
  • Solid Step – Flip-Out Entry Steps (14TH1, 14TH2)
  • Flip-Out Side Entry Step – Adjustable Height (16RB)
  • Aluminum Cabinetry w/Accent Lights
  • Closet Storage Compartment (10MC, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2,16RB)
  • Closet Storage Compartment w/LED Light (16RB)
  • No-Snag Interior Wall Carpet (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • 12V LED Interior Lighting 
  • TV/Satellite/Cable/HDMI Prep
  • Rocker Style 12V Switches w/Aluminum Bezels
  • Black Coin Flooring (10MC, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • One-Piece Fiberglass Interior Ceiling
  • Grey Fiberglass Walls/White Fiberglass Ceiling (14TH1, 14TH2)
  • Interior Fiberglass Walls and Ceiling (Grey Walls/White Ceiling) (16RB)
  • Composite Floors & Interior Walls (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • One-Piece Luxe Vinyl Flooring – Concrete Look (12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 16RB)
  • 120V Recept (10MC)
  • USB Charge Ports – 120V Recept – Interior (12BH, 12BHSS)
  • (3) USB Charge Ports – (2) 120V Recepts – Interior (12RK, 12RKSS)
  • USB Charge Ports & 120V Outlets – Interior (16RB)
  • 120V Outlet – Exterior Curbside (16RB)
  • 10' Thule 12V Power Awning (16RB)
  • 4' 7" Bag Awning & Aluminum Rail Mount – Exterior Rear Kitchen (16RB)
  • RV Entry Door w/Screen Door, Window & Shade (16RB)
  • EZ Breeze Stowage Door w/Pull Down Screen (16RB)
  • Removable Stow & Secure Bar w/Tie Down System (Int. Kayak Storage) (16RB)
  • Front Closet Storage w/LED Light (16RB)
  • Composite Floors (16RB)
  • Solar Prep
  • LP Quick Connects (Exterior) (10MC, 12RK, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • (2) LP Quick Connects (Exterior) (12BH, 12BHSS, 16RB)
  • 20# LP Tank & Regulator
  • (4) Exterior SAE Power Ports w/Interior Switches
  • Blackout Exterior Trim Package
  • Vapor Bond Insulation
  • Exterior Storage Compartment – 10 Cubic Feet (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • Pass Thru Storage w/LED Light (27+ Cubic Feet) (16RB)
  • Battery Compartment – Holds (3) 100aH Batteries
  • Tri-Bond Construction – 100% Wood-Free
  • Fully Welded Aluminum Cage Frame   
  • LED DOT Running Lights & Back-Up Reverse Lights 
  • (2) Exterior Porch/Scare Lights (Amber/White) 
  • Rear Porch Light (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS, 14TH1, 14TH2)
  • Rear Porch Light – Reverse Back-Up Light (16RB)
  • Under-Frame Amber Glow Lights
  • 2-Year Bumper to Hitch Warranty
  • 5-Year Structural Warranty
  • Transferable Warranty Anytime


  • Off-Road/Off-Grid Package (Mandatory)
  • 11,000 BTU Roof Mount A/C
  • Roof Rack System (Includes Three 74" Crossbars) 300# Capacity (10MC)
  • Roof Rack System (Includes Four 74" Crossbars) 400# Capacity (12BH, 12RK, 14TH1, 14TH2; mandatory on 12BHSS and 12RKSS)
  • Roof Rack System (Includes Five 74" Crossbars) 500# Capacity (16RB)
  • Rear Double Doors (Replaces Rear Ramp Door) (10MC)
  • 8' 2" Side & 4' 7" Rear Awning (Requires Roof Rack System) (10MC, 12BH, 12RK, 12BHSS, 12RKSS)
  • Off-Grid Side Mount Ladder – R/S – Requires Roof Rack (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • Pull Down Garage Door Screen (14TH1, 14TH2)
  • Delete Tip-Out (Adds 48" X 22" Window & Shade) (14TH1)
  • 32" 12V RV w/Locking Swivel Mount (14TH1, 14TH2, 16RB)
  • Flat Grey Exterior Fiberglass 
  • 12V Lithium Battery 100aH

Survival Series Features (12BHSS, 12RKSS)

  • HD Antenna & Quick Remove Roof Rack Mount w/Coaxial Cable
  • Overland Shovel/Brackets/Quick Fist Grips/Lock
  • 28" Chopping Axe/Brackets/Quick Fist Grips/Lock
  • 18" Splitting Axe/Brackets/Quick Fist Grips/Lock
  • (2) 12V LED Flood Pod Lights/Roof Rack Mounted
  • Flag Bracket/Flag Mount/Flag Pole
  • American or Canadian Embroidered Flag
  • 25" LP Griddle w/Quick LP Connect
  • Removable Griddle Table w/Shelf & Stainless Utensil Holder
  • Off-Grid Ladder – Roof Access
  • Heavy-Duty/Walk-On Fenders
  • First-Aid Kit/Bungee Mount/Interior
  • 32" LED 12V Television
  • Articulating & Locking TV Mount
  • King 12V Powered Coaxial Recept
  • LifeStraw Personal Water Filtration
  • Survival Hacks Book
  • Custom Survival Series Graphics

Survival Series Power-Up Package Option (12BHSS, 12RKSS)

  • 12V Lithium Battery 100aH
  • (2) Extra Battery Trays – Total of (3)
  • Renogy 500 Series Battery Monitor & Aluminum Bezel
  • 200-Watt Portable Solar Panel w/MPPT Controller & Carry Case

See us for a complete list of features and available options! 

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details. 

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability.


Encore RV

Encore RV was created with the simple idea of never stopping…we are committed to always moving forward in everything we do.  At the center of our name you will find our iconic Infinity logo.  This is the symbol of our commitment that we will always strive to design, engineer and manufacture a better product.  We will always work to deliver better customer service and deliver the highest quality of ownership possible.  Simply put, we want you to have the best camping experience of your life, it’s the Encore way!