4 Best State Parks in Montana for RV Owners to Visit

4 Best State Parks in Montana for RV Owners to Visit

If you haven’t checked out Montana yet, here are the four best state parks in Montana for RV Owners to visit. In this guide, we’ll share some information on which state parks in Montana you’ll want to add to your travel plans for summer.

1. Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

This is one of the first state parks, and is also one of the most well-known. You can go camping and cave exploring at this state park. There are a ton of natural rock sculptures in the cave, and June 6th through 12th is actually Cave Week with special activities available. Cave tours are only available by guides and are typically given May 28th through September 30th.

At this campground, reservations can be booked online.  Plus they have amenities like showers, a playground, and a dump station (May-September only), along with back-in and pull-through RV spots.

2. Big Arm State Park

Big Arm State Park is home to one of the biggest natural freshwater lakes in the western United States.

Flathead Lake is a natural lake that’s 15 miles wide and 28 miles long. The campsite is at around a 3000-foot elevation covering 217 acres. There are 70 campsites.

The Big Arm Bay stretches along the lake and is a well-loved spot for sunbathing and swimming. If you love to go fishing, make sure you get a tribal/joint state fishing license.

If you’re a photographer, you’ll be able to capture some unique shots of wildlife. You can also go boating, biking, hiking, scuba diving, and more.

Make sure you also check out Wild Horse Island State Park. The island’s over 2100 acres wide and off the west shore of the lake. You’ll see bald eagles, bighorn sheep, and wild horses. Access to this this island is only by boat.

3. Salmon Lake State Park

Also consider checking out Salmon Lake campground, which sits on 42 acres of land. There are 20 campsites for visitors to consider. Salmon Lake’s park is located between the Swan and Mission mountain ranges.

Activities include fishing, hiking, bird watching, and water sports. If you’re a bird lover, you may see red-necked grebes, bald eagles, loons, or osprey.

You can find cutthroat trout, Kokanee salmon, or northern pike fish in the lake, and many others. Hikers will enjoy the stunning views of western larch, ponderosa pine, and Douglas fir trees.

4. Placid Lake State Park

Placid Lake is a popular location for families. Placid Lake Park is 31 acres,  and there are 40 campsites to consider.

If your group is into watersports, this park has plenty of options.  Boating, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, and swimming are all available.  For fishing enthusiasts, there are a variety of species in the lake. You could catch perch, bull trout, whitefish, or kokanee salmon.

Make sure you get a Montana fishing license beforehand. Get the fishing regulation booklet from the staff at the park.

With plenty of wildlife in the park, young campers could easily spot red necked grebes, waterfowl, osprey and common loons.

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