Getting your RV ready for Travel

             The sun is out and the weather is warm. You know what that means? It is time to get your RV ready for Spring! These maintenance steps are important  to do before hitting the road.

             First, make sure you de-winterize your RV. This task marks the official start of RV season! You de-winterize by flushing your RV’s water lines with fresh water. To do this, connect a water drinking hose to the city water connector on the RV. Next, run the water through the entire plumbing system. Make sure you don’t miss anything like an outside shower or your washing machine! After all the antifreeze is gone and there are no traces of it, you can reinstall any water filter cartridges that have been removed. All the antifreeze that has been removed is now in your gray and black tank, so you will want to find a suitable waste disposal site. You will also want to sanitize your RV water system! To sanitize your lines, make sure all the drains are closed. The most efficient way to sanitize is to use a quarter cup of household bleach to every fifteen gallons of water in your fresh water tank. Pour the solution into your fresh water holding tank. Turn on your water pump and run the water through all faucets. Finally, refill your holding tank with freshwater and run until you no longer smell bleach. You may have to do this step a couple times!

Next, an important step is to make sure your HVAC is working. You will want to run both your heat and your AC to make sure they are both functioning properly! You don’t want this warmer weather to heat up your RV with no way to cool it! This is a great time to check your LP levels, too.

Finally, don’t forget to check the outside of your RV. Start low and give the tires a good once over! You don’t want a blowout to happen on the road. Tires lose a percentage of air pressure while in storage. Your RV tires can lose two or more psi per month while sitting in storage. Be sure to check the tire pressure using a quality tire inflation gauge! Next, check the roof. You will want to inspect your RV rooftop for any openings or breaks where water or air can get in. Make sure to really check around your roof vents! Plain and simple, water is the enemy of any RV interior. The sooner you catch the leak the better!

Following these tips will help you make your RV ready to hit the road! These tips seem simple but are very important to make sure that you have a smooth RV season. If you need help de-winterizing your RV or have any question about how to do so, call your local Bankston Motor Homes. We are here to help you out!

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Where will you be this Spring Break?

       Spring break is right around the corner! The first thing you are going to want to decide is where to travel to. There are RV campgrounds nationwide. Each campground will list the amenities that they offer. So, you can find the one that best suits you!

       Do you want a relaxing quiet location? Check out Portland Oregon. It is too amazing to pass up. It offers the best of both worlds. From a quirky city with fantastic food to outdoor destinations. You can visit and hike Mt. Hood and the gorgeous pine forests of the Pacific Northwest. During the month of March, Portland’s food scene is fantastic. More than 120 local restaurants offer incredible specials and deals! Think craft farm to table style menus. Some will even include fresh seafood caught that morning!

       Would you like to visit the beach over Spring break? Head to Isla Blanca State Park in Texas! This beautiful destination promises a beach vacation on the Gulf Coast. This is the perfect location to take your RV and have a relaxing time. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

       Want to hike and be active during your Spring Break? Hit the road and travel north to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan. Here you will have great views of arches and rock formations coming up from Lake Michigan. This spot is perfect for all things water! You can kayak, fish, swim, and more.

       Are you interested in a little more classic spring break? Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the place for you. There are RV campgrounds along the sandy beaches and activities for all ages. You can explore the downtown area with plenty of local restaurants or stroll along the boardwalk and check out all the beach shops. End the night by winning some games at the town’s amusement park!

       Are museums and history your thing? Spend this Spring break driving your RV northeast to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here you can learn all about the historical significance of Philadelphia. There are plenty of museums that you can visit. Don’t worry, Philadelphia also has a great food scene. After your museum tours, check out the Reading Terminal Market. There are rows upon rows of food stands with classic Philadelphia food.

       This is just the tip of the iceberg of all the places you can travel to this Spring Break. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to plan your RV trip. You can even plan to go to more than one spot! This is a huge benefit of traveling in an RV this Spring break and for any RV trip!

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Holiday Markets to Check Out this Winter

One of the best holiday activities to do while RVing is to check out the holiday markets! The markets are fun for all ages. From shopping to festive food and drinks, make sure to plan your Winter RV trip where you can visit one of these markets.

One of the places you can travel to in your RV is…Chicago! From mid November to late December, Chicago has the Christkindlmarket. It is one of the most popular markets you can check out while RVing in Chicago. It draws inspiration from traditional holiday markets in Germany. There you can find hand carved wooden ornaments and sheepskin slippers. Do not forget to get a drink in the commemorative mug!

Don’t want to travel to the midwest? What about to the east? Head to the downtown holiday market in Washington, DC! Here you can sing along with the musical lineup. Be sure to try their chocolate churros! This is a great market to go to more than once because the vendors rotate throughout the season!

Head even further north to New York City! The Bank of America Winter Village has so much to offer. From over 170 vendors and a 17,000 sq. ft. ice skating rink, you sure do not want to miss the experience. In New York, you can even stop and visit multiple markets around the city! They have one in Columbus Circle, one at Westfield World Trade Center, and another one at Union Square. Be sure to visit them all this Winter during your RV trip!

Don’t worry, the states out west have holiday markets too! Time to travel to Colorado. Georgetown, a tiny historic mining town, transforms into an old fashioned holiday village. When visiting, be sure to spot the Victorian carolers in top hats and bonnets, antique cars, plus they offer carriage rides! It will transport you into the past!

Want to experience southern hospitality during the holiday season? If so, an RV trip to Georgia this Winter is perfect for you! The Savannah Christmas Market is modeled after the old traditional Salzburg markets. Mixing new and old traditions together, you will also see a boat parade of lights and a choreographed water show.

There are plenty of markets that you and your family can visit this Winter! Be sure to check out the nearest big city to your RV campground. Also, check local town websites for any holiday markets or parades they may be hosting too! There is no shortage of fun activities to do while RVing this Winter!

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